Energeo Maintenance Free Batteries are designed to use our latest technology. They are made from rust-free calcium-lead alloy grids, that gives you the excellent heat resistance while minimizing self-discharge with a much longer shelf life. It is a maintenance free product that needs no refilling of the electrolyte solution.

Our Intelligent Batteries gives you the following features:

  • Distilled Water Supplemental Free – If the charging system of vehicle remains error-free until the battery is worn out there is no need to supplement with distilled water at all.
  • Recharging Free – Energeo uses carefully selected, high refined Ca-Ca-Tin alloy, rendering extremely low rate of self-discharge, and maintaining high performance even during long term standing.
  • Overcharged Risk Free – The charging current of Energeo battery is reduced to extremely low level when the battery is in near full-charge state, eliminating to near zero the danger of battery being overcharged.
  • Thermal Runaway Free – Energeo battery is free of substance containing such harmful effects, and the current being charged becomes extremely low level when battery is fully charged in high-temperature, leading to the prevention of thermal runaway.
  • Magic Eye Indicator – The built-in indicator to let you know the recharging state and the condition of the battery.
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Energeo Low-Maintenance batteries are made from an antimony lead alloy that is able to withstand high temperatures
and heavy charge/discharge characteristics.

  • Thicker Plate – to increase battery life, protect from corrosion and overcharging.
  • Heavy Duty application – are made for heavy duty usage with our specially designed plates giving longer battery life and storage time. It is engineered to withstand heavy loads and extreme climates.
  • Vibration Resistant – designed to keep the active materials together and minimize internal resistance and maximize the power.
  • No Leakage – all batteries are 100% tested with high tech machines for leak-proof test for top welding and sealing quality.
  • Short Circuit free – it is 100% tested for any accidental short circuit during production.
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